Oct. 19, 2014 - General Meeting 2:30 pm
First Baptist Church, 300 Willits St. Birmingham MI 48009

Orchids Around the World

The October meeting speaker lineup sounds like great fun with a touch of the exotic tossed in for spice. The topic is Orchids Around the World and we are fortunate to have as speakers three of our own MOS members with hands-on experience both searching for and growing orchids from other lands. John Curtin, Kherwin Cheng Chua, and Doug Haxer will each present their worldly experience in fun and informative ways.

An MOS member for more than 37 years, John Curtin is a familiar face and friendly adviser to many of us and will share his Unexpected Orchid Discoveries. John is also a member of The American Orchid Society, the Cymbidium Society of America, and Orchid Digest. A frequent speaker at various orchid society meetings in Michigan and Ontario as well as at special community events, John’s current collection includes over 1,000 plants, primarily Paphs, Phrags, and Lycastes. In addition, John and his lovely wife Penny have generously assembled a beautiful display in the MOS Palm Sunday Show for 35 consecutive years.

You know Doug Haxer’s contagious smile and booming voice from his role as auctioneer at the annual MOS Picnic. What you may not know is that Doug has travelled the world extensively seeking unique and special orchids. On this side of the globe his hunts have taken him to beautiful locales including Peru, Ecuador, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, and Belize as well as to Papua New Guinea in the South Pacific. Doug’s presentation will focus on his excursion to the top of Auyantepui Mountain –known as “Devil Mountain” – in Venezuela.

Realizing that you oftentimes don't know what you’ve got until it’s gone, Kherwin Cheng Chua will provide an entertaining talk on Orchids of the Philippines – about living where orchids are so ubiquitous that they’re taken for granted and not appreciating their value and beauty until moving half a world away! Hailing from Illoilo City, Philippines, Kherwin grew up surrounded by orchids but never embraced them until late last year when he and partner Larry Watson, Jr. jumped into orchid growing with all four feet. Kherwin is most interested in cool-growing genera – Pleurothallids, Cymbidiums, and Epidendrums, which he originally thought do not grow in the Philippines. Now he knows better … and you will too!

Don’t miss what promises to be a lively and informative meeting!

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